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 Health Clinic News 
  • Please update address, medical, and telephone information when changes occur.
  •  All medication must be brought to school by a parent/guardian in the smallest original container available with a current date. This includes over-the-counter medications such as toothache gels, medicated creams, ibuprofen, cough medicine, throat lozenges, cough drops, etc. Written directions for each medication are required before it can be administered by the school nurse or designated employee. A doctor’s note must accompany all prescription medicine to be given to students. A student violating this procedure may be recommended for expulsion.
  •  Over-the-counter medications may be administered with the parent's permission. However, if the healthcare provider prescribes a medication that is purchased over the counter and/or if the medication is prescribed differently from the manufacturer's recommendations on the container, the school will need a Medication Form signed by the healthcare provider that prescribed the medication.
Immunization Requirements
  • All students must have a current S.C. Certificate of Immunization. Contact your doctor or the local health department for details. The school must have an updated copy after all immunizations.
  • Also beginning in 2015, all 5K and 1st grade students must receive two doses of varicella vaccine on or after the 1st birthday or have a positive history of disease.  Please don’t wait—avoid the rush by making an appointment with your child’s healthcare provider today to get the required vaccines recommended for your child’s protection.
  • Students may not keep medications in their possession at school unless a doctor provides a statement.
  • A doctor must complete an emergency plan of care for all students receiving prescribed medications on an “as needed” basis. See the school nurse for any health issues that may need an emergency plan of care.
  • If your child is sick or injured, the school nurse and the witness to the injury will contact you as soon as possible. An injury report will be completed and provided to you.​
  • S.C. Law requires educators and specific staff to be mandatory reporters in cases of suspected child abuse.​