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Students may qualify for free or reduced priced breakfast and lunch. You may apply at anyátime during the year. If your situation changes during the school year, please contact theáFood Service Manager for an application. You are responsible for all fees prior to youráapplication being accepted, so please send it back on the second day of school if it was notáfilled out during early registration. Grant funds allow BECMS students the opportunity toáprovide breakfast free-of-charge to all students who arrive to school on time for theábreakfast period. Students on late buses are served upon arrival. School Food Meal Pricesáare:
Meal Full Pay Reduced Pay Adult Meals
Breakfast $1.75 $.30 $2.05
Lunch $2.15 $.40 $3.45
Extra Milk $ .50 $.50 $.50

[Always check with the food service manager for any changes that may occur in food pricesáor status.]
  • Breakfast will be served from 7:20 a.m. until 7:50 a.m.
  • Contact the cafeteria manager to obtain an application for free or reduced prices.
  • All students may pre-pay and should not charge meals. Students who charge a meal willábe placed on a phone tree list and the parents will be notified via the telephone thatáevening that their child has charged a meal. The phone tree will continue to call until theábalance is paid. After the student has charged a meal for up to 3 days and the parent hasánot responded to the message, the student will be offered an alternative meal on the 4th day. The alternative meal will continue until the balance has been paid. Householdsáwithout telephones will be contacted via the postal service. Students will not be allowed to charge a la carte items.
  • áFood must be eaten in the designated dining area.
  • Juices brought to school must be in pre-sealed containers and opened at the designatedátime.
On the Way to Lunch
  • Make sure you know your PIN number.
  • Students are not to run, play, or talk in the halls.
  • Students are not to linger in the halls.
  • A teacher will escort all students to lunch.
  • Students are not to break in the lunch line or allow others to break.
  • The lunch line is to be single file. It is not a place for loud, rude, or unruly behavior.
In the Serving Line

DO NOT EAT OR DRINK IN THE SERVING LINE. Wait until you are seated.

In the Cafeteria/Commons Area
  • Students are expected to practice good table manners and are to clean up any food or trash.
  • Students are reminded that there is to be no loud, rude, or unruly behavior in the cafeteria.
  • Teachers may use lunch detention as a disciplinary measure.